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5 Games Under 20Mb 2016


We all want the games which require low memory & does not require internet connection. Here is the list of 5 games that are just under 20Mb:-

1.Dash Till Puff:-

Dash till puff is a simple games in which you have to Fly, jump, bounce, and dash your way through geometry.

Game features:
• One-touch responsive controls
• 8 Unique endless procedurally-generated worlds
• Unlock new avatars and colors to customize your character!
• Lots of achievements and secrets to reveal
• Challenge your friends with Google Play Games and Facebook Leaderboards!
• Checkpoint system to keep the challenge up
• Super optimized performance
• Full HD colorful graphics
• Amazing music from top artists such as Waterflame, DJVI or Forever Bound.

A new Part was also released i.e. Dash Till Puff 2 with new levels and improved graphics.

To Download[Dash till puff(1&2)] From Playstore Visit:-

To Download[Dash till puff(1&2)] Apk Visit:-

2.LOGO Quiz:-

As the name suggest it is a game in which we have to guess the Logo to unlock the next stage.

★ More than 1 000 logos and a small size of the application!
★ 20 exciting levels!
★ 15 languages support!
★ Helpful clues! Each logo has 5 hints! 
★ New hints are granted for correct logo quiz answers.
★ Swipe screen to switch between logos!
★ Cloud Save! Start game on your phone and continue where you left off on your tablet!
★ Detailed statistics!
★ New leaderboard! Compare your scores with your friends!
★ Learn more about brands after correctly guessing!
★ Frequent application updates!

To Download From Playstore Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk:-

3.Piano Tiles 2:-

Piano tiles 2 is the sequel of the famous games Dont tap the white tiles.
Its very easy to play you just have to tap the black tiles to the music and avoid tapping anywhere else.

There are many new features included such as:-
Added login feature to enable synchronization of game data and competition with friends;
Brand-new gameplay;
Compete with players around the world;
New color scheme, multicolor instead of black and white;
Great new music, feel the pleasure of a professional pianist.

To Download From Play store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk Visit:-

4.Zig Zag:-

Zig Zag is a game by Ketchapp.In this game yo have to just stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! The controls are simple just tap to change the diection of the ball.

To Download From Play store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk Visit:-

5.River Crossing IQ:-

The game is simple all you have to do is is to help the characters in the game across the river in the most optimal way.
Diverse gameplay with many intellectual questions
38 logic games. Regularly updated.

The sequel of river crossing IQ was also released

To Download From Play store Visit:-

To Directly Download Apk Visit:-

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