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                           5 Must Have Apps

1.DRUPE Contacts And Dialer

Drupe dialer is a nice way to connect to your friends from any screen you are on all you have to do is swipe.

It has a beautiful ui and is very easy to use.

The main feature that is the most attractive feature is that you can call,text,whatsapp,email etc just from dragging the contact to field

You can even choose the app you want the app to show in the menu.

You can also dial a number with this nice looking dailer .

You can even more customize it by changing  themes.

The themes even the way the contacts look.

To Download Visit:-


Last pass is a password manager that has recently become free of cost.

Use LastPass to store your logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, keep track of personal information, and more.

With a password manager, you only remember one password - your LastPass master password. LastPass will fill your logins for you and sync your passwords everywhere you need them.

Simplify online life with LastPass:
• Save and autofill usernames and passwords for all of your online accounts 
• Streamline online shopping with Form Fill Profiles
• Store your memberships, credit cards & other important data in Secure Notes
• Search for logins and notes from your vault 
• Organize sites by folders 
• Enable multifactor authentication to lock down your LastPass account 
• Share logins with friends and family
• Audit the strength of your passwords with the LastPass Security Challenge
• Offline access to your data
• LastPass never has the key to your encrypted data, so your information remains safe
• Fill app logins for other Android apps
• Fill web logins on Chrome and Opera mobile

Its available for all the almost all the platforms so do check it out it is very useful.

You can also checkout


Opera Max is an app that saves you data, extending your data plan and gives you control over your phone’s data consumption.

 This data-management & data-savings app saves 3G / 4G / LTE and Wi-Fi data usage by up to 50%.

Save data by compressing videos, photos and media in your favorite apps and websites over mobile and Wi-Fi networks - without any noticeable loss of quality.

 Opera Max also helps to save battery and data by allowing you to block any apps running in the background without your knowledge. 

You can also use it as your Wi-Fi manager, for better control of what your apps do in the background when on Wi-Fi.


Data management
Monitor and control internet usage on all apps. Opera Max monitors and keeps count of how much mobile internet or Wi-Fi you have used on a monthly or daily basis. It also monitors how many MBs and GBs of data each app uses, to give you full control over your data plan.

Block apps & prevent data leakage
Control your apps’ internet usage by blocking apps from running in the background that are using mobile data or Wi-Fi without permission. Blocking apps running in the background conserves battery and minimises your battery usage.

Track & save data on both Wi-Fi and mobile
Internet savings and blocking apps from using data can be applied to mobile and Wi-Fi independently, with a “Savings on/off” switch..

To Download Visit:-


Genius is an app for all the song lovers as it has the collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge.


You can see either search for the lyrics of songs or see the songs HOT on GENIUS.

Explore a world of knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community.

To Download Visit:-


Monospace is a minimal notes and writing app, built from the ground up with a designed-for-touch UI.
Monospace supports Bold, Italics, H1, H2, Bullet and Quote formatting styles.

Monospace's hashtags feature replace the classic folder system. Simply add hashtags to the last line of a file and Monospace will take care of the organisation for you.

To Download Visit:-

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  1. I think that there would be LEO Privacy. It is really amazing app. 2 days ago I lost my phone, but I have LEO Privacy on my phone, so I used my preserved number to send the commands. Then I finally found my phone back. I'm so happy for that, so here I want to recommend this app to you all~

    1. It's seemed that everyone love LEO Privacy! Very popular in my hometown!! It is a new Android based mobile security & data privacy app. The app tracks what apps are doing in the background to include how much data is being sent from your phone. It's available through the GOOGLE PLAY store:

    2. It's available through the GOOGLE PLAY store:



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