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Angry Birds 2

 Angry Birds 2 - Available on Google Play

Rovio has finally released the awaited sequel to Angry Birds called Angry Birds 2. It features the same core mechanics of prior Angry Birds titles with a few new tricks and things to use here and there. It's a fun time waster that's also kid friendly.

It’s a slick new take on the old formula—much more than just a new installment in the franchise—with better graphics and a few new twists.
Another game in a series of arcade games by Rovio about an endless fight between pigs and birds. The plot remains the same, but in addition to the unique abilities of the characters this time players can choose what kind of bird to use next. This innovation doesn't make the game easier, on the contrary it complicates the game. A separate number shows destruction, as well as determining how many birds there are on the next stage. Be ready for the incredible bosses at the end of each chapter.

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