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Top Apps Of August

 Top Apps August


Portal is a simple to use app which is used to transfer your data from pc to your phone with the use of Wifi.

★ Transfer individual files, multiple files, or entire folders at once
★ Easily browse, open, or share the files you've put on your phone

★ Pictures transferred with Portal are automatically put into your phone's Gallery
★ Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or later: have Portal save files to your removable SD card!

To Download Visit:-


Accomplish is an app that lets you schedule to-do’s and reminders.

 It also lets you graphically plan out your time, with a daily planner built in. Using Accomplish, you can drag tasks straight from your to-do list into a calendar-like “day view”. You can graphically plan out when you will get each of your tasks done.

Accomplish’s features:
• The day-view syncs with google calendar
• Fast, graphic, gesture-based controls

• Many different task colors and app themes
• Powerful custom popup reminders
• *Experimental* recurring tasks
• Clean modern design

To Download Visit:-

3.Photo Collage :-

Photo Collage is an app that lets you create and edit collages and this app even lets you edit even a single image.

Key Features: 
 120+ layouts of frames to choose from!
 Easy to change border colors,BG and patterns!
 Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize


 Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
 Easy to add TEXT or STICKERS!
 A full-featured photo editor included!
 Easy to use UI
 Amazing photo fx filters
 Share to social network

To Download Visit:-

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4.Floating Stickeys:-

Floating Stickeys is a simple app that lets you manage your notes and remainder in an easy way.

Its very easy to use,looks beautiful and gives you options for copy,cut and paste.

Sticky notes are visible over other apps
You can drag sticky notes anywhere on the screen
You can resize the note size
Can minimize the notes
You can edit sticky notes by touching text inside
Easily delete the notes when necessary
Simple to use
To Download Visit:-

5.Weather 14 Days:-

Weather 14 days is an app that provide you accurate weather forecast and warnings.
It was recently updated with the material design and looks very nice.

It provides hourly detailed forecast for today and tomorrow, detailed forecast every 3 hours during the rest of the week as well as a prediction for the next week.

It also provides additional relevant information as the sunrise/sunset and moon phase (including the moonrise/moonset and lighting rate).

 You can also check our animated prediction maps that provide precipitations, temperature, pressure, snow, etc.. besides from multiple satellite images and rain radar.
In addition, you can add a weather widget to see your city forecast to five days directly on your device screen, with optional time and weather forecasting widget. In the same way you can add on the notification bar the temperature of your favourite location.

To Download Visit:-

6.ZUI Wallpaper:-

ZUI Wallpaper is an app that provide you a HD wallpaper Daily which is picked by their designer.

All the wallpapers are scrollable.

- High definition wallpaper selected by designer update everyday.
- Live wallpaper move like floating color river.
- Fluent gesture operation make you feel no distance from the beauty.

To Download Visit:-


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  1. dear, you forget my dear LEO Privacy, it is an amazing app, everyone should download it. 2 days ago I lost my phone, but I have LEO Privacy on my phone, so I used my preserved number to send the commands. Then I finally found my phone back. I'm so happy for that, so here I want to recommend this app to you all~

    1. It's seemed that everyone love LEO Privacy! Very popular in my hometown!! It is a new Android based mobile security & data privacy app. The app tracks what apps are doing in the background to include how much data is being sent from your phone. It's available through the GOOGLE PLAY store:



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