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Next Lock screen

Next Lockscreen

Next lock screen is a lock screen by Microsoft.Next Lock Screen shows you important notifications at a glance and gives you app shortcuts right on your screen, all while keeping your Android lock screen beautiful and organized your way.

This lock screen is super useful it gives you all the things you need right at your home screen.
Some of the main things you get on Home screen :-
1. Calendar
2. Email
3. Messaging

- Music Controls: Pause, play, and skip songs on supported audio apps such as Spotify, Audible, and Pandora.
- Quick App Launch: Launch your favorite apps and toggle settings on and off with our built-in app launcher.
- One Swipe to Dial: Next Lock Screen dials you in, enters the conference PIN, and gets you talking faster, all with a single swipe.

- Custom Wallpapers: Choose an image from our selection of beautiful pictures, your own gallery of photos, or automatically get the Bing Wallpaper of the day. You can even shake your phone to quickly toggle between wallpapers.
- Smart Settings: Organize your apps and wallpapers for different locations: home, work and on-the-go.
- Custom Unlock Method: Unlock your phone with a PIN or pattern.

To Download Visit:-

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  1. I can lock up my Facebook, WhatsApp, Clash of Clans, Messenger, Gallery and other important apps which may leak your privacy with LEO Privacy. And I can also customize my lock mode which allows me to lock different apps under different circumstances. Next lock screen is also a good choice, but I think it isn’t smart enough~

  2. Missed One -LEO Privacy- It is a new Android based mobile security & data privacy app. The app tracks what apps are doing in the background to include how much data is being sent from your phone. It's available through the GOOGLE PLAY store:

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