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Link Bubble is best browser for mobile phones.

• When you click on a link in an app, Link Bubble loads that webpage in the background, leaving you free to keep using your current app rather than your precious time being wasted watching a page load. Once the page has fully loaded, it will animate on screen.

• Link Bubble's flick physics allow you to go from clicking a link to sharing a link or adding it to a service such as Pocket in little more than a second!

• Load multiple links from your current app at the same time.

• Light and dark themes.

• Reading Mode.

• Gracefully handles links that redirect to other apps. No longer does clicking an Instagram link in Twitter redirect to a full screen browser before loading Instagram!

• Deep integration with the apps on your system.

• Locates embedded YouTube videos on web pages, and provides a shortcut to load those videos directly in the YouTube app.

This is an app that saves a lot of time.

To Download From Play Store Visit:-


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