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Breaking into website

Bypass Website

              Bypass means to just skip some things and enter the website.
Those some things include surveys,fake ads and fake downloads are revealed.

How its Done:

               Open the link below  Bypass Now !!!!

          Now the red marked part is the important part.
          what Next ?
          Now in a new tab open the web page with lots of ads surveys and more ........
          Copy the link from URL Tab eg. http://.....
          and Paste in The URL Box......
Click Go
Thats It....!!!!
Did you see the [options] 
            there are pretty cool things....(default settings)
  * encrypt page(I never use it)
  * Allow cookies(yes ,takes a little time and data to open page but looks good)
  * Force Temporary Cookies(No)
  * Remove page titles.(if you want)
  * Remove Scripts....(No)
  * Remove Objects...(No,removes downloadable links)

thanks for reading....
feel good ....please give comments...
and HACK and Crack...


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