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Top 5-Most addictive Games[Android&Ios]


Here is the list of top 5 most addictive games which you can waste a lot of time on:-

1. Crossy Road:-

It is a simple,funny game.The logic behind the game as the name suggest is to cross the road and not get hit by any vehicle,or fall into lake on the way.

You Can move left or right to save yourself from getting hit.

It has a lot of charcters to unlock and choose from.
in the latest update psy was added. 
PSY is available for a LIMITED time as an in-app purchase and costs $2.99. After purchasing, he will be available for forever, even after you can no longer purchase him within the game.

To Download it from play store click on the link below:-
To download it on ios click on the link below:-


The rules are simple: control two vessels in sync, survive against all odds and keep calm.

How to play :-
To rotate left press the thumb on the left side and to move right press the thumb on the right side.

There are a lot of stages and modes to play and as the dificullty of the level increases so as the addiction to win it.

To download it from play store click on the link below :-
To download it from app store click on the link below

3.Mountain goat Mountain

Mountain Goat Mountain Is a fast arcade never ending game by Zynga.
It is a game where you climb the highest and most .
treacherous mountain ever seen by a goat.

It is a funny little game which can make your time fly easily.

You can climb up to the mountains to the new heights. Dodge lots of things ,jump on to the spring ,save yourself from falling into the water,collect coins,collect different HATS to travel to different environments
including Arizona Desert, VR Voxels, and Winter Snowland.

The game is free to download and has in app purchases

To Download it from play store visit:-

To Download it from app store visit:-


Arrow is a game with a simple logic to move through the maze without hitting the walls. Collect points to grow your tail. Smash gems to unlock cool new arrow heads and background.

Its a very addictive and will keep you busy for hours

To download it on play store visit:-

To download it on app store visit:-


The logic behind the game is simple.Tap your way up through each spinning ring avoiding red to gain a point.Unless you want the walls to crush you.You will need fast reactions and nerves of steel!

To Download it from play store:-

To Download it from App store:-

So thats it hope you like it .
comment down below for suggestions.


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