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HOOKS[An App To Keep You Updated On Everything Thats Important To You]


We generally ignore the apps that has a lot of notification.But this app changes that,it keeps you up to date with everything you like.

You can choose from thousands of subjects and types, from television, music, sports, social media, weather, and more. Hooks has already sent more than 50 MM notifications worldwide to more than 200,000 people.

Hooks allow push notifications and the locked-out screen to eliminate the need to dive back into your crowded app screens to process an update or facilitate quick communication.

Some of the alerts you can find and subscribe to on Hooks:-

* Sports: scores, live results and schedules from your favorite team

* NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores

* Music Concerts: get notified of new concerts, festivals and new albums of your favorite band

* Videogames releases and updates, Twitch streams.

* Weather: weather change for rain, ice, snow, temperature drop, etc.

* TV shows and movies: when will be the next episode, schedules of your favorite tv show, etc.

* Lottery results

* Films by rating, director or starring

* Top restaurants

* Shipment tracking for every courier

* Website down watcher

* Horoscope

* Earthquake and Hurricanes

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* Currency exchange rates, including Bitcoin

* Stock watcher

* Mentions on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest

* Youtube, Vimeo and Quora updates 

* Reddit, ProductHunt and HackerNews top articles

To Download from playstore visit:-


To Download from app store visit:-



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