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Lost the files from your pc or pendrive and wanna recover here the one of the best solutions..


Recuva is a easy solution to these problems ...recently one of my friend got his memory card 8GB formatted from andriod and he came to me  ....
And it took some basic steps to me and a 1 hour of time for the machine and we recovered 55GB of data from that memory card

1: Download recuva from this link Recuva
2: Run it
3: Welcome wizard will next
4: Which type of file you wanna recover...check that and next
5: Choose the location from where you wanna recover eg my memory card
6: If you want you can enable deep scan for more files or just start recovery
7: After recovering the files you are gonna see the files that are recovered and you may find the files you lost its time to recover select the location where you wanna recover and thats it...
Note: Do not chose the location of the same drive you wanna recover...

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